Stripping and Waxing Services

Clean Right Solutions offers stripping and waxing in Chattanooga to commercial properties

Maintaining clean and shiny floors is essential for creating a positive impression on customers and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees. Stripping and waxing floors is a popular service we offer at Clean Right Solutions for restoring and maintaining the shine and cleanliness of floors in your commercial buildings.

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How Do You Strip and Waxing Floors?

The process involves removing old wax, dirt, and grime from your floors and applying new layers of wax to create a protective barrier and shine. Clean Right professionals use specialized equipment to achieve the results desired for your floors.

Benefits of Our Stripping and Waxing in Chattanooga

There are multiple benefits to stripping and waxing the floors of your commercial property, including:

Improved Appearance: Stripping and waxing floors can improve the overall appearance of businesses to make them look clean, shiny, and new.

Protection: The layers of wax applied during the process can protect the floors from scratches, spills, and stains, increasing their longevity.

Improved Safety: Stripping and waxing floors can also improve safety by providing a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of accidents

Stripping and Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

What does stripping and waxing floors do? The process removes old wax and buildup from a floor and applies a new layer of wax to restore the floor's shine and protect it from wear and tear.

What are the benefits of stripping and waxing floors? Stripping and waxing floors improves the appearance of the floor, protects it, and prolongs its life.

How often should floors be stripped and waxed? The frequency of stripping and waxing floors depends on the amount of foot traffic and the type of floor. Generally, floors should be stripped and waxed every six to twelve months.

Can all floors be stripped and waxed? Many floors can be stripped and waxed, including vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, and some types of tile. Some floors, such as hardwood, may require other types of specialized maintenance.

How long does it take to strip and wax floors? The time it takes to strip and wax floors depends on the size of the area and the condition of the floor. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

What is the maintenance required after stripping and waxing floors? After stripping and waxing floors, regular cleaning is required to maintain the floor's appearance and prolong the life of the wax.

What is the cost of stripping and waxing floors? The cost of stripping and waxing floors depends on various factors such as the size of the area, the condition of the floor, and the type of wax used.

Can floors be buffed instead of stripped and waxed? Yes, floors can be buffed to restore their shine and remove minor scratches and scuffs. However, buffing does not remove old wax buildup and does not provide the same level of protection as stripping and waxing.